Endless Love

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Korean Drama "Autumn in my heart"
aka Endless Love


 viet : Sac Mau Tinh Yeu



Young Jenny (played by Moon Geun Young ) & Johnny (played by Choi Wo Hyuk) have been built up as siblings. But after a traffic accident, Jenny discovered that she is not the biological daughther of Johnny 's mother and she decided to return to her biological mother under the pressure of her classmate real Johnny's sister Shinae. Jenny has already some feelings for Johnny. She told him that she want to be a tree that's mean that she will not be uprooted and implanted somewhere and she will only love one person . But Johnny & his family went away to USA .

After many years, Johnny (played by Song Seung Hun) returned to Korea . In wake of many missing encounters, he finally reunited with Jenny (played by Song Hye Kyo) but he is already engaged to Youmi.Youmi is Johnny's girlfriend because she has the same dream as Jenny's is to became a tree . At the same time, Johnny's bestfriend Andrew (played by Won Bin) falls himself in love with Jenny . After being beaten once again by her real brother, Jenny go to live with Johnny . They develop feelings for each other and Johnny decide to break up with his fiancée because he realised that he loves Jenny . But his fiancée Youmi begged Jenny to make Johnny come back to her and the return of Johnny's parents made them separate. They decide to remain friends eventhough they love each other . But Shinae discovered that Jenny & Johnny are in love with each other. So when Johnny's parents plan to adopt Jenny in their family, Shinae told the relationship between Jenny & Johnny to everyone .

As a result, Jenny & Johnny decided to run away in a farmhouse. They spent memorable and happy moments together there . Johnny proposed to her with a bunch of flowers . They celebrated Johnny's birthday . After their journey, they return home but have to face critics from their family and their friends . Nevertheless, they persist in staying together . But when Youmei attempted suicide, as a consequence, she can't paint anymore. So the couple feel guilty and decide to break up whereas they were planning to go the farmhouse once again . They are heartbroken because they have very deep feelings for each other but those feelings have to stay only in their hearts. Jenny discovered that she has leukemia but she hide to everyone. One day, she fainted and Andrew discover her illness and promise her that he will protect and take care of her even if he know that Jenny only loves Johnny .From a spoiled playboy at start, Andrew has become a tender and affectionate love because of Jenny. After Andrew took Jenny in hospital, he informed both families about Jenny's illness but Johnny has not been informed . At the same time, Youmei ask Johnny to go to USA. After knowing that Youmei has lied to him about her hurt hand, he still decide to go to the States with her but before he wants to return for the last time in the farmhouse.

Thanks to fate, he encountered Jenny at the farmhouse. They spend precious moments together, professed their love and kissed . But the next day, Jenny has left the farmhouse. When Jenny fell into the coma, Youmei finally informed Johnny about Jennny's illness . He rushed to the hospital but Jenny is in a very critical state. After that, he did not dare to visit Jenny because he thinks that if he visited her, she woul die so he hopes that she will wait for him to visit her. Finally with the help of Andrew, he appeared at the hospital and hold Jenny's hands and begged her to come back to life . The miracle of love happened and she woke up the following morning. They went together to his art workshop near the beach. He took care of Jenny eventhough seeing Jenny weakening by leukemia day by day. One the beach,  Johnny finally told Jenny "I love you".

 To be continued            















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